An inside job

According to Action on Fraud, nearly one in five small businesses will have been defrauded at some point in its trading history. 

So, consider the case of the dental practice manager Olivia Rutty, who, according to the Mail Online, was convicted and jailed for two years in June 2015 for stealing £35,270 between July 2012 and October 2013 from Pure Dental Health and Wellbeing in Truro. Rutty had been promoted to business development manager at the practice, giving her access to the company's credit card and some control over its finances. She used the cards for personal purchases and awarded herself unauthorised pay rises and loans. The court heard Rutty had her builder husband Nicholas submit invoices for work which was not carried out or which was charged at inflated prices.

There’s also the case of Jayantilal Bhikhabhai Mistry, reported by The Mirror, who stole £780,268 from the NHS by inventing thousands of patients and lying about treatments between 1997 and 2013. He claimed to have treated 3,360 patients, some real and others…

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