Christmas warning

Just like Buddy from the film Elf, we all like to smile at Christmas. And why shouldn't we, ‘tis the season to be jolly after all. During the festive season it is only natural that we let our hair down, relax and enjoy a few Christmas treats and the occasional bubbly – all in moderation of course. 

Patients that visit your practice however, might not be aware of the dangers of over consumption during the noel period and its effects on oral health. For some, it might just be that it is low on their priority list, especially if they have been vigilant with their oral care regimen throughout the year.

As such, patients might not think twice about reaching for another carbonated drink or substituting water for a glass of pop. With research suggesting that the premature loss of teeth in the primary dentition is linked to oral hygiene and the consumption of soft drinks, parents should be encouraged to monitor their child’s intake over the holidays.

Adults should be cautious about their alcohol consumption during this time too. From work Christmas parties to social events with friends and gatherings with family, there are plenty of opportunities to have an alcoholic drink or two. In 2014…

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