Would I lie to you? Fuji IX is magic!

In series 11 episode 4 of Would I lie to you? Bob Mortimer regaled host Rob Brydon, team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack, and guests Susie Dent, Ore Oduba and Stacey Solomon with the claim that for the past 15 years he had been doing his own dentistry.

To their amazement he then went on to describe how, whilst attending his Dentist to have a lost crown recemented, he overheard them say the magic words “Fuji IX”. He subsequently sourced some Fuji IX which he uses at home to do his own fillings, crown replacements and bridge repairs.  He described in some quite incredible detail the mechanics of the whole procedure including the little orange spoon to enable you to mix it in either a 1:1 or 2:1 proportion depending upon the consistency you want to make for different jobs, saying “it’s so easy, Fuji IX does it for you”. He even went on to say “once you have Fuji IX you are a Dentist”. And, what was even more incredible, it was true!

Rob Brydon went on to advise the audience not to follow Bob’s example and try it at home, but don’t be surprised if you get patients coming into your practice asking if you use Fuji IX too!

If you haven’t already seen this episode of Would I lie to you? or you simply want to watch it again it is available on YouTube, where you’ll also find more of Bob’s hilarious anecdotes, many of which are also true!

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